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Together building a supportive, strong and healthy community.

One person, one child, one family at a time

Cherub's Inn

Safe Place ~ Loving Start

National Family Support and Restoration Non-Profit Society is a registered charity established in 2020 and carries out its services as Cherub’s Inn. 

We work through three interconnected branches, including our Maternity House, Daycare and Special Nursery for infant care.  Our services will be introduced in a staged growth approach to ensure each service is well planned and sustainable.

Cherub’s Inn; where love, hope and future meet.

Bringing Potential to Life:

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Our vision, ‘bringing potential to life’ is the premise of all our branches. Cherub’s Inn strives to create a supportive and safe atmosphere that encourages development, learning, personal and emotional growth and in some cases facilitate healing and restoration of the heart and soul.

At Cherub's Inn we come along side you to offer a hand-up on your journey and create a supportive community around you in any one of our services you seek to access. We endeavour to practically demonstrate love, belonging and connectedness, providing a safe place to be your perfectly-imperfect self.

Maternity House

The Cherub's Inn Maternity House provides a safe place and loving start to young pregnant women who need support. Cherub's Inn provides housing, education, health support, and opportunities during the life-changing events of pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


Cherub’s Inn Daycare believes all children are filled with promise and potential. We are passionate about providing a safe, loving, and nurturing centre of excellence for each child to learn and grow in their unique way. We are here to support bringing their potential to life using emergent (child-centered) curriculum.

Infant Care

Cherub’s Inn’s planned branch expansion includes a focus on infant care. Through our special care nursery, we will care for, love, support, and nurture little ones whose mother needs extra support during the early months of their little lives. Giving infants a strong start in a safe, loving place.


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