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Cherub's Inn Maternity House

Cherub’s Inn Maternity House will be a sanctuary for women.  It will be a  place of refuge for those in need of hope.  Through our resident programs, young single pregnant women have the opportunity to receive much needed provision, guidance, support and resources.

Our residents, teen to young adult women and their babies, will have the support and care of Cherub's Inn Maternity House staff and volunteers.


Cherub’s Inn offers instant comfort and relief to young, expectant mothers who feel frightened and alone.  We provide a variety of practical  and tangible support options during their stay with us that they can integrate into their life-journey.


Emotional and Spiritual Support


Medical Support

Often, the most pressing need for young, pregnant women is a safe place to stay. Cherub's Inn is committed to providing an all-inclusive approach to housing for our residents, which includes private room, furnishings, food, baby supplies and necessities, and on-site 24 hr support. Our residents will have the opportunity to live at Cherub’s Inn for up to  2 years.

Emotional and spiritual health is as important as our physical health.

At Cherub's Inn, we provide  support through counselling and spiritual growth opportunities, as well as access to Pre and Post-Adoption services and support. 

Cherub's Inn is proud to be able to provide access to a myriad of educational options.  These opportunities  include parenting skills development, life skills, personalized online education, and access to college resources and career opportunities, and work placements.

Cherub's Inn is women-centered, focused on their needs, choices and concerns for themselves and their babies. Cherub’s Inn Maternity House will  provide access to pre-natal, delivery and post delivery medical service for its residents in collaboration with community healthcare providers. Residents will have full access to healthcare professionals and specialized medical care when needed.

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More information will be made available soon, as the maternity house is in the planning and development stage.

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