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National Family Support and Restoration Non-Profit Society is a registered charity established in 2020 and carries out its services as Cherub’s Inn.

Our community impact reaches beyond just the daycare.

We offer multi-layered services including a Maternity House and Special Nursery for infant care.  Our services will be introduced in a staged growth approach to ensure each service is well planned and sustainable.

Pregnant Woman

Cherub’s Inn Maternity House will be a sanctuary for women.  It will be a  place of refuge for those in need of hope.  Through our resident programs, young single pregnant women have the opportunity to receive much needed provision, guidance, support and resources.

Our residents, teen to young adult women and their babies, will have the support and care of Cherub's Inn Maternity House staff and volunteers.

Cherub's Inn Daycare is an extension and integral service of the National Family Support and Restoration Society, which aims to create an atmosphere that encourages development, learning, and personal & emotional growth.

This essential service offers support to single mothers from Cherub's Inn Maternity House and to young families in our larger community.

Cherub’s Inn’s planned service expansion includes a focus on infant care. Through our special care nursery, we will care for, love, support and nurture little ones whose mother needs extra support during the early months of their little lives. Giving infants a strong start in a safe loving place.

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