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Daycare Services and Pricing

our curriculum

In our efforts  to value each child and demonstrate God’s love to each one, the staff members observe and collaborate together to determine and follow the children’s interests. Hence, our curriculum is not necessarily theme oriented; rather the children’s interests drive it.  Children’s development in all areas is greatly enhanced when they are interested in what they are learning. Staff members collaborate together to determine interests and provide provocations to either determine interest or extend an interest. 


In this setting, problem solving by the children is valued and the teachers act as mediators, asking questions to help solve conflicts and aid in understanding. All children participate fully in the daily program, regardless of ability. All staff members are responsible for and interact with all children, regardless of ability.  The family is valued as the expert of their child and the family’s input is expected and valued by the staff team.

Cherub's Inn Daycare has embraced the principles of emergent curriculum.  Emergent curriculum is based on the premise that children are most successful at learning when curriculum experiences account for their interests, strengths, needs, and lived realities. 

To this end, Cherub’s Inn is set up with learning stations/centers. These include, art, sand and water play, dramatic play, housekeeping, science language and more. Each learning center is intentional in assisting the children with individual developmental needs. Learning becomes fun and engaging as teachers focus on interests and passions of the children. 

Daily Schedule:
(Note: Schedule is subject to change based on children's interest, energy level and weather)


Preschool Class

our services


This program is operational.  Spaces are available.

Before/After School Care

This program for children 5 to 12 years old (Kindergarten to Grade 7) enrolled at Albert McMahon Elementary School. This program is in the development phase, and date for implementation is not yet determined. Please check back for updates.

School Kids
Kids Playing with Lego

Infant/Toddler Care

Cherub’s Inn Daycare plans to expand to offer infant/toddler care program.Your little ones will receive care and nurturing from our highly skilled and compassionate staff so you can be confident that your infant/toddler is in a safe and loving place.  To ensure all of your child’s physical and emotional needs are met, this program will operate with a ratio of 4 children per teacher.  This program is currently in the planning phase and is anticipated to commence late 2023.

However no specific date has been identified. 

our pricing

Cherub's Inn Daycare operates as one of the services of the National Family Support and Restoration Society, which is, in part, working to advance education.  Cherub's Inn Daycare is committed to working closely with parents of lower incomes to secure funding to assist with childcare costs.  At Cherub's Inn, we're passionate about providing excellence in care for children where they feel safe, loved, and free to explore and grow. 

 In addition to the support and subsidies offered by Government agencies, Cherub’s Inn is working to offer a bursary program to further assist those that need childcare and who find themselves still unable to provide for all of the necessities a family requires.

For Fee Schedule please contact Cherub's Inn by email; or phone; 778.548.8242



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