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Our Philosophy

At Cherub’s Inn Daycare we support bringing children’s potential to life through play and learning in a nurturing environment. We value each child and demonstrate God’s love to each one. Staff members observe and collaborate to determine and follow the children’s interests. Hence our curriculum is not necessarily theme oriented; rather, the children’s interests drive it. We believe that children’s development is greatly enhanced when they are interested in what they are learning.

We're passionate about providing excellence in care for children where they have fun and excitement in their learning and feel safe, loved, and free to explore and grow. 

Happy Circle

Our Daycare program is based on Christian principles. The staff model Jesus’ love for the children through their interactions with each child, assuring them that they are incredibly special to him. Lunch time begins with prayer. Bible story times and daily activities are used to teach children about God’s relationship with His children and with the world around them. A key purpose of Cherub's Inn Daycare is to demonstrate to the children that God made them special, and that God loves them.

The Cherub’s Inn Daycare Administration has adopted the following guiding principles:

  • We commit to providing a strong compassionate network of care around each child

  • We value each child and are dedicated to demonstrating God’s love to each one

  • Our staff members observe and collaborate  together to determine and follow the children's interests

  • We believe each child is filled with innocence, promise and potential. Their zest for life is inspirational and contagious and we want to foster this developmental process with them allowing them to discover dream, learn and create through intentional and meaningful play and instructional guidance

  • We understand that children have dreams and hopes for great things for their future.  We desire to bring their full potential to life.

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